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 Bandsaw Blades

Due to the close relationship we enjoy with quality blade manufacturers, we are able to hold a range of pre-sized blades on the shelf for most of the popular bandsaws on the market. These blades can be dispatched within 24 hours of an order being placed. We are also able to offer a cut to length and welding service on a 48 hour turn around. If you have a regular requirement for a non stocked blades then please let us know, with the minimum commitment from you we would be happy to add them to our stock range.

 Coldsaw Blades

Our stock includes both HSS and carbide tipped blades for most popular machines and we are able to source blades very rapidly from one of our blade partners.

 Coolants and Lubricants

We stock good quality soluble oil, mist lubricants, and wax sticks all at very competitive prices.

 Other Consumable Items

 Other consumable items such as swaf brushes and belts are also available from stock. Give us a call and let us know your requirement.

 Adige Tube Saw Feed Rollers

Narrow type £98

Wide Type £105                                         Deals on orders of six or more

Tel: 01582 477205        Fax: 01582 477205       Email: acmesawsltd@gmail.com