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We are proud to be the sole UK distributor for Forte, who are the most respected  manufacture of quality bandsaw equipment in the world. If you are in the  market for a new machine then please contact us so that we can arrange a  demonstration of the cutting edge technology that Forte now offers. Our service  team have been working on Forte equipment for more than 30 years, so we can  state with confidence that we can offer a second to none backup service.

 Forte equipment has been manufactured in Germany for more than 50 years and is  regarded as the Rolls Royce of cutting saws. They have gained this reputation by  manufacturing very robust solid saws that quite literally last a lifetime. Forte  don't use gimmicks to sell their saws, they don't have to. Anyone that has owned  one will tell you they are very simple to use, reliable, efficient and very effective.

 Forte set the standard for production speeds and and blade life that all the  other manufacturers try to beat. This is achieved by the solid frame and head  that is supported by two large steel columns keeping the blade true without  vibration. The downward velocity is smooth and direct which can only be achieved  with the twin column design. Vibration and jerking at the cutting point (the  point at which the teeth enters the product) shortens blade life and can cause  an uneven cut. The  machine head is tilted at 45 degrees  (unlike many of our competitors  machines) to reduce the amount of twist that the blade has to go through  between the blade wheels and the cutting guides. Twisting motion leads to the backing strip of  a blade wearing and cracking which in turn leads to the blade breaking before the  teeth are worn.

 A unique balance valve and sensor is fitted to the machine head which maintains  the optimum tooth load by exactly controlling the blade feed and speed throughout the the cutting process.

The Range Of New Forte  Equipment

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SBA  241 250 mm 250x250 mm                     SBA 361 360 mm 360x360 mm

SBA241 SBA361

SBA  421 420 mm 420x420 mm                  SBA 531 530 mm 530x530 mm

SBA421 SBA531

SBA 681 680 mm 680x680 mm                   SBA 871 870 mm 870x870 mm

SBA681 SBA871 Acme Sawing Machines RF Range Acme Sawing Machine (Specials) AMS 270 Special