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Blade Choice Selection Chart for M42 Qaulity Bandsaw blades

Material Section Size

Normal Blade Style

Variable Pitch




























Always strive for an optimum number of teeth within the material to be between 6 and 12 teeth within the cut peice at it widest point.

Too many teeth in the material could result in the Gullet ot the tooth becoming blocked with Swarf and causing possible blade breakage or the blade cutting out of square or the teeth stripping from the blade body.

As a general rule run the blade slow for tough and hard materials like Stainless Steel and faster for Aluminum and Mild Steel. The wider the section the larger the tooth pitch allowing somewhere for the swarf to go whilst the blade is within the material. 

If using coolant always mix it on the rich side, ie 10:1 to allow the coolant to Lubrcate the workpiece as well as cool the blade.  Be aware that if the blade gets too hot, so does the workpeice which can then work harden and shorten the life of the blade.